Making the Trailer – Part 2

Now, as you can see from my sketch of Nietzsche, I am not very good at drawing.  In fact, the frame on the right is a closeup of Nietzsche’s mouth with a mustache over top.  It is not, as everyone thought, a banana with a squiggly line over top.  This is why I needed someone to draw the scenes out for me!

Despite the fact that it looks terrible, there is quite a bit of information on the sheet that is important.  Aside from the sketch, there is a short description of the scene, type of shot, camera angle, camera movement, and attached audio.  I mark these up as the production process goes on so that I know what is done and what needs to be added.  There is also a script that goes along with this.

I wish that I had a sketch of how Nietzsche was turned from the storyboard to a concept; sadly, I don’t.  From the storyboard, there was a sketch, and then the final character, which looks like this:


He is an eyeless .png file.  It would have been easier to work with as a vector but inexperience caught up with us here.  So, he is a png file which means that there are limitations to what we can do with him.  He is creepy and eyeless because we want to move his eyes independently.  Same goes for the mouth.

In the next article, I’ll talk about the process of animating.

Dylan Callens

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