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Adult Learning

Misconceptions about Adult Learning

Introduction There are many misconceptions about adult learning. There is also one important truth of which we need to be aware. This truth seems to be the source of many limiting beliefs which simply aren’t true, so let’s examine that first. In our thirties, our brains begin to shrink a little. This process continues into our sixties, at which time it seems to accelerate. The areas most affected are the frontal lobe and hippocampus. As well, cortical density and white matter thin out. While the natural aging process is responsible for these changes, the cognitive effects aren’t apparent. Nor are

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Memory System

The Best Memory System for Historical Years, Months, and Days

Introduction In the previous section, we learned how to remember the year of a historical event. That’s usually great for early history, where the dates aren’t precisely known. Now we’ll look at how to memorize days and months because as we get into modern history, you’ll probably be required to remember those, too. This technique will combine elements from the major system (click here to learn more about the major system) and a series of images representing each month. While it might seem tedious to memorize a chart of months so that we can memorize dates, I promise you that

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Joyful A Novel 1-1

Joyful! A Novel: Part 1.1

The last time I told someone I was a history teacher, I couldn’t decide what the expression on his face meant. With his head tilted back, an embarrassed grin stretched thin like an elastic band between his ears. In his eyes, I thought I could see the words, “Those who can’t, teach.” Maybe it was more like, “History? What’s the point of that?” In retrospect, it was probably the latter because there wasn’t a follow-up question. There never is. No one wants to know what kind of history I teach. I might have it wrong, though. Body language, facial cues,

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Body Memory System

The Body Memory System for Fast Memorization

Introduction Perhaps it’s just nostalgia because the body memory system is the first one I learned, but I love this technique. It’s fast, easy, and effective! Unlike the memory palace and memory journey, you can see and touch the different locations on your body, which, for me, helps trigger the memory of what I want to remember. This system is best for simple lists that you need to remember. Whether it is a vocabulary quiz at school or a shopping list, this technique will help you out. Step One Use the diagram below to help organize the spots where you

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Joyful Project

The Joyful Project

Let’s Start Here I started thinking about the joyful project a little over a year ago. The idea began while teaching a philosophy class. The thought of re-reading Camus’ Myth of Sysyphus cast gloom across my horizon. I knew I needed something else, something more uplifting. Jump to the Table of Contents After poking around for a while, I found The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler. I absolutely loved the book and incorporated it into the class. More than that, it started me down this path of thinking about happiness and joy. It led me to ponder the

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How to memorize a deck of cards.

How to Memorize a Deck of Cards

Introduction The following is a simple system to memorize a deck of cards. Don’t let the word “simple” fool you, though. This technique is effective. With practice, you can store and recall an entire deck in under five minutes. Not only is it a fun trick to show other people, but it is also great practice. I always found it fascinating that I could see the improvement in my memory daily. When we workout our memory, we exercise our creativity and imagination. And likewise, an improved imagination helps our ability to memorize things. Practice makes memory! Memorize a Deck of

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