Unlimited Learning

The Boundless Mind: Accelerated Learning

What is Unlimited Learning?

Unlimited learning is a series of methods to improve your ability to read and remember information. It is a way to make learning fun and memorable so that you can retain crucial information. Your accelerated education journey will look at ways to help with motivation, improve focus, improve memory, and increase your reading speed and comprehension. Unlimited Learning will help you overcome your difficulties.

My Story

My name is Conrad Andrews.

I couldn’t tell you much about what my teachers taught in primary school. It didn’t seem to stick if it had anything to do with academics. No matter how much I wanted to remember math or history, I just couldn’t do it. 

It was difficult for me to read. 

I rarely remembered facts, numbers, or formulas. 

Writing was hard. 

I was “the slow” kid.

What I do remember was how my heart raced when the teacher asked the class a question. I would look in every direction except his, praying he wouldn’t call me to answer. Inevitably, he would pick me, sometimes. Of course, I had no idea what the answer was. School became a constant source of embarrassment and dread.

One time, in grade two, I had a teacher who called on me to answer. Naturally, it was a simple math question, but back then, all math was too hard for me. I kept my eyes fixed on the desk and shook my head. Also, I had no idea what the answer was, again. When she sighed, I shrank lower into my seat. Then she waited. I could have sworn she waited five minutes until finally asking, “Well?”

I gathered what little courage I had left and repeated my mantra, “I don’t know.”

“Figures,” she said. “I shouldn’t be surprised.”

And that’s the way it went every year until the teacher gave up on me and stopped asking me questions.  

God, I felt dumb.

I barely passed my classes.

These learning difficulties continued into high school. I spent those years hiding from everyone in the back of the class. I did everything I could to blend in with the furniture.

It was so bad that I didn’t talk to other students because I didn’t want them to know how stupid I was. So, on top of feeling terrible about my intelligence, I also had no support from other people because I alienated myself from them. 

That’s not fair to say. I did have support from my parents, but they didn’t understand. They thought I was just an over-active kid who needed to learn some focus. They loved me, but they didn’t know how to help me. 

A Ray of Hope

Then, the most random thing happened. 

In grade twelve, my class went on a field trip to a community college. We were on lunch break in the college’s cafeteria, where I sat near a few college students. One began talking about how she was training her memory.

I thought she was crazy! The idea that there was some way to take control and improve one’s memory sounded like a fantasy. Surely, we were born with a certain kind of memory, and that was it, right? If we could learn to improve our memories, wouldn’t we have been taught that in school

The girl took out her laptop and played Josh Foer’s TedTalk for her friends. At the beginning of his talk, Josh asks the audience to remember a crazy scene where a group of overweight nudists are biking. They zip by you and crash into the front door of a house. I needed to know how memorization connected to that scene. 

The tour continued well before the video ended, but I gathered my courage and asked the college student about the video. She told me it was Josh Foer. I wrote it down so that I wouldn’t forget who he was.

Later that night, I watched the entire video. Then, I did something unthinkable. 

I purchased a book. 

I bought Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsely. All by myself. 

Back then, reading was a slow, painful endeavor. But I am glad that I did it. It was a choice that changed my life.

I saw the benefits of these learning techniques immediately. With a bit of practice, finding focus, remembering information, and reading faster were easy. I am living proof that we can improve our learning and become unlimited.

After graduating high school, I did go to college, where I studied computer science. I graduated summa cum laude in my program. After graduation, I wanted to teach computer science to kids who struggled as I did. I knew how to help them.

So, that’s what I have done for the past six years. I have taught Unlimited Learning strategies to my students because they work in every subject and every aspect of life. You can apply these accelerated education techniques to anything. And like my students, you can achieve incredible results with a little effort.

It’s hard to believe the twists and turns that have taken place in my life. 

I still don’t understand why accelerated learning strategies aren’t taught to students. Why did it require a chance encounter in a cafeteria for my real education to begin? 

My goal is to change that.

I teach students the same techniques that I’m going to show you. Below you will find a list of topics and tutorials. I hope that you enjoy the material here, and I especially hope that you find them insightful in developing your unlimited mind. 

Table of Contents

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