My PAO System Placed in a Memory Palace

Swedish Chef Shooting a Shark

As I begin preparing for memory competitions, I have started memorizing my PAO system (for a more detailed discussion on the PAO system, click here). For those not yet in the know, PAO stands for person-action-object.

My PAO system follows the major system (click here for more details about the major system) as much as possible. There are a few questionable gaps in my system, like 22, which has Nick Nolte nagging at nanobots. Nagging doesn’t really fit into the n-n phonetic scheme of 22, but it’ll have to do.

To memorize the PAO list as quickly as possible, I’ve placed them in a memory palace (more about memory palaces here). I’ve drawn out my memory palace and created ‘memory cards’ for each number, which you can see in the image gallery below. To use the cards, you’ll have to be familiar with the PAO list, which I’ve also included here:

00Sylvester Stalonesassingsausages
Steven Tylerstranglingstork
02Isaac Newtonsneezingsandwich
03Supermansmokingsea monster
04Salman Rushdieserenadingsarcophagus
05Shia Labeoufsalutingsalamander
06Swedish Chefshootingshark
07Simon Cowellsuckingsquirrel
08Sigmund Freudsiftingsaffron
09Scotty Pippensipping spiders
10Tony Sopranotazingtoaster
11Tony Tigertighteningtits
12Trevor Noahtuningtuna
13Toni Morrisontemptingtomato
14Tony Robbinstracingtree
15Tommy Leetiltingtelevision
16Tommy Chongteachingt-shirt
17Tia Carreraticklingtaco
18Tina Feytransferringtaffy
19Tom Pettytappingtable
21Nikola Teslanotarizingnuts
22Nick Noltenaggingnanobots
23Nelson Mandelanumbingnamplates
24Nancy Reagannursingnurse
25Neil ArmstrongnailingNile
26Noam Chomskynavigatingnachos
27Nick Krollnickingnecks
28Ned FlandersneighingNewfies
29Natalie PortmannappingNorth Pole
30Marge Simpsonmoisteningmusic
31Mr. Tmottling meat
32Minnie (Mouse)manglingmoon
33Marvin the Martianmimingmuumuu
34Mr. Rogersmarkingmermaid
35Mario Lemeuxmilkingmelon
36Macho (Man)mashingmushroom
37Mark Cubanmakingmacaroni
38Morgan Freemanmoving (*too close to transferring?)muffin
39Miss Piggymoppingmap
40Richard Simmonsracingraisins
41Raymond Holtrattlingrutabega
42Richard Nixonransackingrainbow
43Ralph Machiorememberingram
44Road Runnerreadingrailroad
45Rob Lowerolling(bread) roll
46Richard Bransonrechargingradish
47Russell Crowerockingraccoon
48Roger Federerrefusingruffians
49Russell Petersrappingraven
50Lisa Simpsonlisteninglizard
51Leon Trotskylitigatinglitter
52Link (Zelda)lungingLincoln
53Lightning McQueenlamentinglama
54Leia Organalordinglure
55Louis L'Amourlayinglollipop
56Lon Chaneylatchingleech
57Lara Croftlickinglockbox
58Laurence Fishburnelaughingleaf
59Louis Primaleapingleopard
60Charlie Sheenchest compressionscheese
61Chris Tuckershittingshingles
62Chuck Norrischunkingchainsaw
63Charles Mansonshimmyingchum
64ChercheeringChristmas tree
65Charles Lucky Lucianoshoulderingchallis
66Chester Cheetahcha-cha-ingchakra (floating eye)
67Chaka Khanshakingcheque
68Chris Farleyshufflingchef
69Charlie Chaplinshapingchaps
72Candy, Johncanjuringcandy cane
73Karl Marxcummingcamel
74Keanu Reevescarryingcrab
75Kenny Logginskillingcoyote
76Carol Channingcrushingketchup
77Captain CavemankickingKitkat
78Kung Fu Pandacoughingknife
80Frank Sinatrafistingfossil
81Father Timefightingfetus
82Fiona (from Shrek)faintingfawn
83Freddie Mercuryfumigatingfoam
84Franklin Rooseveltfartingferret
85The Flashfilmingflamingo
86Frederick Chopinfishingfish
87Fidel Castrofuckingficus
88Fred Flinstoneoffendingfife
90Patrick Starpassingpussy
91Pete Townsendpettingpatella
92Pam Andersonpaintingpenus
93Pac Manpumpingpumpkin
94Professor Xpiercingparrot
95(Emperor) Palpatinepeelingpelican
96Prince Charmingpushingpachyderm
97Penelope Cruzpackingpike
98PT Barnumpeeingpufferfish

For the time being, I’m going to memorize each card by placing them in their respective locations in the palace. Once I’m moderately familiar with the PAOs, I’ll start applying them to strings of numbers. Also, I’m going to ignore the card numbers and suits for now. I’ll ad them after I feel comfortable with the PAO.

And that’s it for now. I thought it would be interesting to show you the loci and cards if you wanted to memorize the PAOs with me. Enjoy!

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