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Authors can spend hours digging for a good list of book promotion sites.  Here is the list that you are looking for!

And even after you finid a list, it seems like you have to seek out additional info, like cost, what exactly the promotion is, and so on.  Here is a list of sites that will run promotions for free and discounted books.  The cost is also included.  This list only includes newsletter mailouts at this time.  I have used several of the sites and have provided some feedback for you.

Site Name Link Cost Free / Discounted Books Notes
Author Ad Network $129 Both (I think) This one seems kind of pricey — at first.  But you get your book on several sites, including:  Book Goodies, Best Book Board, Awesome Gang, Interviews with Writers, Reader’s Hideaway, Pretty Hot, Pin Your Book, and Book Reader Magazine.  Plus, there are a number of genre sites that may also display your info.
Armadillo Ebooks Free Both While it is free, I have to say the results of using Armadillo were a little disappointing.  Wait a minute… it is free.  Hmmm…
Awesome Gang $0-10 Both (I think) While there is a free option if you want a guranteed spot in the newsletter, you will have to pay $10.  I’ve heard good things about Awesome Gang, but I have yet to try them out.
Bargain Booksy $25 – $125 Discounted Price depends on which genre you fit into.  Given the large number of subscribers in any given category, the prices seem reasonable.
Book Barbarian $20-40 Both Sci-fi and fantasy only!  Price depends on how much you are charging for the book.  They claim that the average number of downloads for a free book is 1,800 and the average downloads for a paid book is 39.
Book Bongo $0-29.99 Both The free option doesn’t guarantee a listing.  There are a variety of paid options to choose from.
Book Butterfly


$50 + Both There are a wide variety of packages to choose from.  They guarantee X number of sales, depending on what you choose.  I’ve used it and I was satisfied with the results.
Book Goodies $45 + Both Again, there are many packages to choose from.
Book Gorilla $40-100 Both One of my favorites!  I had a great experience with Book Gorilla.
Book Hippo UK Free Both, I think. You have to register to get the details, so I’m not sure.
Book Kitty Long link, click here.  đź™‚ $5 Both Book Kitty is a bit different.  It’s a Fivr deal where you get promoted in a few different places.  I’m pretty skeptical of Fivr deals, but Book Kitty has a good reputation.
Book Lover’s Heaven $5 Both This one used to be free but it looks like they are charging $5 now.
Book of the Day Free Both It’s a free listing.
Book Raid 5 – 14 cents per click Both Book Raid has moved to a cost per click model, which means you only pay for people that are sent to your product page.  The minimum charge is $2 and the maximum is $10.  I love Book Raid and I think this model is great.
Book Scream $1? Both Book Scream used to be $5 but it looks as though they are changing their structure.
Book Reader Magazine $0-20 Both The free option doesn’t guarantee placement.  It looks like you get a decent deal for $20.
Book Sends $10-125 Both Prices vary according to price and genre.
Bookbub $25-2560 Both Depending on category and the price of your book, it seems expensive.  But everyone knows that this is the holy grail of book promotions.
Bookzio $0-39 Both The free option doesn’t guarantee a spot.  There are a couple of paid options to choose from at $19 and $39.
Choosy Bookworm $0-70 Both The chances of getting a free ad here are slim.  The lowest guaranteed feature is $25.
Discount Book Man $0-15 Both The promotion is free but you can get more exposure for $15
Ebook Hounds $10 Both I like Ebook Hounds.  A good promotion for the price.
Ebook Lister $0-25 Both There is a free option and you can purchase a better listing as well.
EBook Soda $15-27 Both The base cost is $15 (well worth it, in my opinion) and you can add a Twitter and/or Facebook feature to it as well.
Ebook Stamp Free Both It’s a free listing.  It looks like they’ve added a newsletter component, though I’m not entirely sure.
Ebookasaurus $0-10 Both There is a free and premium option.  I had some success with their free listing.
Ebook Bargains UK $8-24 Both Prices are approximate, as they are in listed in British Pounds.  The money they make goes to charity.  Although, I have to say that my promotion with them wasn’t very successful.  Your results hopefully vary.
Ebooks Habit $0-15 Both The free option doesn’t guarantee placement.  $10 does.  $15 is a Twitter promotion, by the looks of it (to 500,000 readers!)
Ereader Cafe $0-35 Both They prefer free books, by the looks of it.  But there are options for discounted books as well.
Ereader News Today $30-135 Both One of the best promotional sites. It can sometimes be difficult to get a spot.
Free99Books Free Both Your book has must be free or $0.99. The promotion is free, though.
Free Books Hub $10-20 Both Your book must be free or $0.99.  Their newsletter is small (at about 1,000) but there is no click-through data.  They do have a solid Twitter following, by the looks of it.
Free Booksy $40-200 Free Bargain Booksy’s sister site.  If you’re looking to promote a free book, this looks like a great site.
Fussy Librarian $12-18 Both A fantastic promotional tool.  I love Fussy.
Genre Pulse $16-40 Both Genre specfic promotions are $16 and a more complete package is available at $40.  I tried the $16 package and found the results lacking.
Indie Book Lounge $4-20 Both You sponsor a genre for 1 – 7 days, depending on price.
Just Kindle Books $15-35 Both I tried this one.  It turned out pretty good.
ManyBooks $25 Both I like ManyBooks.  They have done well for me in the past.
OHFB $75-100 Both Your book has to be free or deeply discounted.  I haven’t tried OHFB but I’ve heard great things.
Online Book Club $248-498 Both Book must be $2.99 or less.  Online Book Club has really ramped up the price because there was such a high demand.  I used this promotion at a lower price point and had great results.  The Twitter interaction was great too.  Honestly, though, at the current price, I’m not sure that I’d run it again.
People Reads $8-30 Both There are a wide variety of options to choose from.
Pretty Hot $0-25 Both (I think) The free option doesn’t guarantee placement.
Price Dropped Books $6-34 Both I’m pretty sure that this is part of Genre Pulse.  I had terrible results with both.  Maybe I just picked the wrong categories… I don’t know.
Reading Deals $0-29 Both The free option doesn’t guarantee placement.
Robin Reads $0-55 Both The free option doesn’t guarantee placement.  Paid spot prices range depending on genre.
Riffle Books $25-100 Both There are different packages in $25 incriments.
Your Book Promoter $49-249 Both This one is a bit different.  They seem to be a little more focused on longer-term results.  It’s worth investigating, I think.

Did I miss one that you know about?  Are there errors on this page?  Dead links?  Please help me out!  Thanks!


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