The Soricada is a work of fiction. The name is taken from a Sorex hoyi, or The American Pygmy Shrew. It is one of the hungriest animals on Earth, much like the Soricada. Hopefully you can see that Sorex = Soricada. Bo’s joke (of which he is very proud) is

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Romeo and Juliet

Google Ruined My Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Enjoy this Google Shakespeare Translation of Sonnet 18. It is delightful nonsense that will keep you guessing and laughing at what could be next. If you enjoy it, be sure to check out Richard Pickman’s new “Google Ruined My…” books. Romeo and Juliet – Act 2, Scene 2 O Romeo,

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Captain Caveman Kicking a Kitkat

Practicing my PAO Table

Over the past five days, I’ve been memorizing my person-action-object table. I spent the first three days placing each PAO in its own loci. I did about thirty numbers each day. That process went smoothly. On average, it only took about ten to fifteen minutes to encode and recall thirty

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Swedish Chef Shooting a Shark

My Person-Action-Object System Placed in a Memory Palace

As I begin preparing for memory competitions, I have started memorizing my PAO system (for a more detailed discussion on the PAO system, click here). For those not yet in the know, PAO stands for person-action-object. My PAO system follows the major system (click here for more details about the

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Major System

How to Remember Numbers: The Major System

What is the Major System? The major system is a mnemonic device that is aids in the memorization and recall of numbers. It can be adapted to the memorization of playing cards and dates as well. The system works by converting numbers into consonant sounds, then adding vowels to form

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Newton Sneezing on a Sandwich

Advanced Memory: The PAO System

Using a PAO memory system is a must if I’m going to get anywhere in the world of memory athletes. PAO stands for Person-Action-Object. Upgrading to a PAO System I used to use the Major System to remember numbers and cards (find out more about the Major System here). There’s

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Memory Journey

The Journey Towards Memory Lane

It started about a year ago. While skimming through TedTalks, I came across one by Josh Foer. What he discussed was weird and new and exciting — at least to me. Like so many other people, I assumed that we were born with the gift of a good memory or

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MKUltra: The strangest project ever!

Early MKUltra The CIA started Project ARTICHOKE on August 20, 1951. They wanted to see if participants would unwillingly attempt to assassinate others. Also, the CIA ran several experiments to determine the usefulness of hypnosis, forced addiction, withdrawal, and LSD during interrogation. Eventually, ARTICHOKE turned into MKUltra in 1953. The

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Link System

How to Remember: The Link System

Use a Memory Technique This memory technique is called the link system. It is one of the most basic systems you can use. While it is simple, it’s essential and powerful. It will help us improve our memories right now and also help us master more sophisticated systems. Linking, or

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Nuira Black Book

The Nuira Manifesto: The New Recruit

This is from the Nuira Black Book, Chapter Two: The New Recruit You are the new recruit.  You will work in secrecy.  No one will know that you are a part of this organization.  As a new recruit, you will be called upon to perform tasks that the Acheulians require

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How to remember where you put something

How to Remember Where you Put Something

It’s happened to all of us. We throw something on the table, walk away and then forget where that item is a few seconds later. Then, we begin questioning our sanity, swear that we have early Alzheimer’s, and eventually get upset. So, how do you remember where you put something?

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