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Dylan Callens

Dylan Callens

Dylan Callens came up with the core idea for Operation Cosmic Teapot while in university.  Back then, he was writing a terrible, terrible book with no discernible plot and characters that were flatter than stick figures on a piece of paper.  From that travesty; however, the image of God being unable to perform his duties as a result of too much paperwork, stuck in his mind.  Years later, he imagined Nietzsche as God’s boss.  Of course, Nietzsche desperately wanted to fire God because of a lifelong grudge.  

Only six years after that kernal, the book was popped.  Sure, it could have been done in a year or two, but he is pretty lazy.  The point is, Operation Cosmic Teapot was done.  Finally.

Other than that, Dylan grew up in Delhi, Ontario.  From a young age, he was always interested in writing; however, in high school, his interests were focused more towards music.  He dreamed of being famous in a heavy metal band named Nothing Sacred.  Unfortunately, the band wasn’t all that good, so fame and fortune never transpired.

Afterwards, Dylan moved to Sudbury, Ontario to attend Laurentian University.  While attending, he wrote for the university paper, Lambda, as a columnist, then news editor.  He watched as the paper fell to shit due to the brilliant decisions of an idiot edit-in-chief (not Norm, the other guy!).  Because of that, he left to become the Program Director at CKLU radio.  Somewhere in there, Dylan was able to graduate with a degree in English and philosophy.  

With such a heavy demand for philosophers in the workplace, Dylan decided to attend teacher’s college.  He found a job teaching in Sudbury, where he continues to live with his family.

Dylan Callens

About the Author...

Dylan Callens is a writer and educator living in Sudbury, Ontario. 

His debut novel, Operation Cosmic Teapot, was a resounding success. Since then, Dylan has written a number of other books, including the upcoming series, The Haber Effect