Haber Effect Cover

The Haber Effect

Ten years ago, Michael Haber conducted experiments on children, including his son. Then, his son went missing without leaving any clues to track his whereabouts.

Now, new evidence sheds light on the disappearance; except, the answer is impossible. It is a truth that Michael cannot accept and one that brings the world to the brink of destruction.

Book One: Remote Viewing

Michael Haber is called to action by an old acquaintance, Scarlett Anson. Despite their unsettled history, they discover a remote viewing lab. Inside, a psychic medium lays unconscious with a strange device implanted in his head. This leads to a startling discovery about a group of bioterrorists that are preparing for a world-changing event. It is also an item that could help him find his son.

Book Two: Alphatheta Test

Scarlett Anson investigates a murder. With Michael’s help, they discover that the weapon is a new technological marvel triggered by hypnosis.

They manage to track down a Nuira operative, but he flees before being questioned. Luckily, the agent left behind an important document for Michael to investigate.

Michael learns that several other children were abducted on the same day as his son. Michael’s reaction suggests that something greater is amiss.

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