Interpretation (Soon to be renamed: How to Enslave a Human)

We are the subjects of a psychological experiment.

Is this our future?

The depth of this deception is unthinkable. People are on the brink of starvation while still believing that life is perfect. Meanwhile, only a handful of individuals live outside of the government’s grasp. They are the only ones able to see the truth.

Now, Carl Winston is one of them.

Waking up in a mental institution, Carl desperately seeks answers about his new life. He needs to escape, to find the one person that matters to him: his son. The machines, however, always anticipate his next move.

Will Carl find his son? Or is this another psychological experiment?

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Dylan Callens

About the Author...

Dylan Callens is a writer and educator living in Sudbury, Ontario. 

His debut novel, Operation Cosmic Teapot, was a resounding success. Since then, Dylan has written a number of other books, including the upcoming series, The Haber Effect