Breathe in the Future

Becoming Cultish (Series)

While trying to financially support his ill parents, Orwell Jackson stumbles into a strange career. He accidentally becomes the leader of a cult. He becomes Richard (Dick) Pickman.

Book One: Breathe in the Future
In the first installment of Becoming Cultish, Orwell Jackson is stood-up by his date at a yoga studio. He then squabbles with the yogi, who kicks him out.

Later, at his job as a voice-over artist, Orwell is forced to narrate the yogi’s audiobook. These events spark Orwell’s interest in a new age philosophy. One that he doesn’t believe in.

In future installments of the story, Orwell finds that people love his platitudes about light-energy. He is inspired to start a website and write a book. When his followers become zealous, they show up on his front lawn and pay him to lead them to enlightenment.

When Orwell tries to leave his own cult, he is held hostage by his followers.

Book Two: Love What You Do
In the second installment of Becoming Dick, Orwell has a terrible day. His parents nearly set their house on fire because of their worsening Alzheimer’s disease. This forces Orwell to make an important decision about his own life.

After problems at his day job, he finally gets a break while narrating yoga master Tom Hank’s audiobook. The yoga master gives excellent advice to Orwell.

Finally, Clarice agrees to go out on a date with him. She tells Orwell that he should start a new website, which draws him closer to his destiny as Richard Pickman.

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