Joyful! A Novel 1.4

Joyful A Novel 1-4

The doctor’s appointment was then, and this is now. Which, quite honestly, could be going better.

The goddamn drive-thru at DeLuck’s Burger has been under construction for nearly a month. Usually, I’d go to another drive-thru, but for whatever reason, I’m craving a burger from this place, the home of the Golden Arch. A single golden arch, which according to the owners of DeLuck’s, is cleared from any trademark infringement.

While waiting in line, sapid grease lingering in the air settled and danced on my taste buds. I couldn’t have been more thankful as it chased away the remnants of a green smoothie experiment that skunked up my mouth. The familiar slickness returned to my tongue; I could already taste the Lucky #7 Combo — quite literally.

And while waiting in line, a walking, public service announcement about the dangers of aging with tattooed skin turned around. Usually, I’d be mesmerized by a myrtle-green turkey neck dangling in front of me, but my focus shifted to the Eye of Horus that swung across her chest like a hypnotist’s pendulum.

The Eye of Horus, or the wedjat eye, symbolized well-being, healing, and protection in ancient Egypt. Often, the powerful symbol was a motif for amulets. Whoever wore jewelry imbued with its power was shielded from the world’s evils.

This one, however, was not very authentic. Aside from the obvious machining, the gold was far too shiny. Ancient Egyptians used electrum, an alloy that had a pale amber hue. Electrum was beautiful but without the luster of modern gold.

Its authenticity didn’t matter. Rarely did anyone wear the Eye of Horus anymore, even as a decorative piece.

Katherine was going to be so excited about this!

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