Juju for the New You

Juju for the New You

Forget all the new-age nonsense from the past. Everything that you need to change your life is inside this book!

Juju for the New You is hardly BS at all.

Need money? No problem. In Juju, you’ll learn astral projection for robbing banks. Unlucky in love? Juju shows you the correct method for trapping that special someone. Dislike your life? Find out how to exploit your infinite space baby – enter the quantum realm and alter your reality.

Still have doubts? Read these testimonials. They’re as genuine as the Juju in you.

“A must-read for anyone that wants an optimal life without actually doing anything. Truly incredible.”
-Dr. Orin Scrivello, Dentist Extraordinaire

“I now spell success: j-u-j-u.”
-Jim Fast, founder of the Phonics Academy

“I am a mountain lion. I am an infinite space baby. Yes, yes, and yes! I want more. It reads like a true scientific thriller, shattering every limiting belief that I had before. Pickman gives us the tools to heal, become rich, and change our lives. I love this book, and I’d love to say more, but I am getting ready for my next quantum shift.”
-Max Finn Cool, the original smooth operator

Up your Juju game now, before everyone else gets to level seven. You don’t want to be the only one left without new, super Juju powers!

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