Astral Projection

Astral Projection for Getting Rich Quick

Imagine a beautiful white light surrounding your body. See it shine brightly, like a halo around your being. Feel its protection as it settles around you. Feel it touching your skin. It feels warm and tingly. Now imagine roots coming out from the soles of your feet. See them as they go into the ground beneath you. Now push those roots as far down as you can make them. This is grounding you to Mother Earth, anchoring you to the here and now. Take a few more deep breaths. Think about your favorite place. Make sure it is a safe

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Healthy Lucky Charms

Healthy Lucky Charms

To create a sack full of health, ensure that your altar is set up according to the pre-ritual ritual in level one. After that, follow these instructions: In your lucky charm bag, add the following ingredients: 1 tsp thyme 3 strands of dog hair 1 tsp catnip 5 ground-up pumpkin seeds 1 drop tiger blood (available at any reputable pharmacy) 1 tsp penicillin salt and pepper to taste When you have filled up the lucky charm, hold your hands over the bag, palms down. See the energy coming out of your hands, into the bag as you say the rhyme.

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Disease Vacuum

Juju Power-Up – Great Disease Vacuum of Alpha Centauri

This is an excerpt from Juju for the New You. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out and relax. Now, imagine that there is a galaxy of light spinning around your chest. It’s a very bright light. It’s a spinning ball of light that gets bigger and bigger. It expands out to your kidneys and spleen, to your butt and shoulders. It keeps spinning and getting bigger. Now it’s down to your knees and up to your chin. It’s glowing brightly, and it brings a warm relaxation throughout your body. It spins and gets

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Midas Shower

Why Is it Hilarious to Take a Midas Shower?

Although this is just a very, very small thing in Juju for the New You, I find it one of the most hilarious things in the book. Here is the segment: Midas Shower Oil This oil can be used in all matters pertaining to money and prosperity. Anytime you need a few bucks, just pour it over your head. 1 oz olive oil 1 oz myrrh 10 oz urine And that’s it. If you get the joke, I think you’ll find it hilarious. If you don’t, you need to figure out a) who Midas is and b) what a Golden shower

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Earth Meditation

Let the Earth Molest You Meditation

Eyes closed. Don’t read these words. Feel them. Feel them with an orgasmic rainbow of love. Breathe in love. It is a pink hue. Breathe in life. It is green. Breathe out fear. Fear is ugly. Raise your energy by moaning.  Uhhhhh! Radiate this feeling of love in the space within your center. Give life to the Earth to let it live. Feel it. Experience it. Become aware of it. It’s all around you. Stay in tune. Care for it, love it, enjoy it. Let your orgasmic rainbow of energy carry the thought. It is full of intent. Let your

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Understanding Gemstones and Powerful Juju

(Excerpt from Juju for the New You) The basics of using gemstones in lucky charms or magically infused artifacts are quite simple; however, their effectiveness can be increased when considering the numerous stone associations. When using any of these stones, you may wish to consider the moon and rising signs. It is sometimes crucial to do that because inanimate objects are often affected by the moon’s location and where the Earth is in its orbit. Also, choose stones according to their new-agey properties, which are listed below. Later in this book, you will see many recipes that include many of the

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The Glorious Chronicles of Juju

We are the universe. The universe is us. There is no distinction we can make between the universe and “I.” Those two things are the same.  Think of it this way: the universe must contain within it everything that exists. We exist; therefore, we must be a part of the universe. And since we live, the universe is comprised of us.  It is in this light — both literal and figurative — that we seek our power. According to the great Yogi Bhajan, “You are very powerful, providing you know how powerful you are.” I am here to tell you

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