Astral Projection for Getting Rich Quick

Astral Projection

Imagine a beautiful white light surrounding your body. See it shine brightly, like a halo around your being. Feel its protection as it settles around you. Feel it touching your skin. It feels warm and tingly.

Now imagine roots coming out from the soles of your feet. See them as they go into the ground beneath you. Now push those roots as far down as you can make them. This is grounding you to Mother Earth, anchoring you to the here and now.

Take a few more deep breaths.

Think about your favorite place. Make sure it is a safe place. Perhaps a panic room or somewhere in a creepy ancient forest. Wherever you choose, as you settle in, you realize that it is raining in your safe place. A gentle, light rain that cleanses your skin.

You hear thunder rolling across the sky in the far distance, but it’s too far away to bother you. You can hear the scurry of animals as they move to take shelter. The birds are chattering to each other, and this makes you smile. You feel safe, loved, and protected in this space.

You walk down a well-worn path through the magical forest that surrounds your safe place. The path that you have walked many times before. As you walk, you are getting wetter and wetter. The rain is warm as it runs down your body. It is a cleansing rain.

You feel negative energy wash off of your body as the rain drips off you. Your worries melt away. With each step you take, you can feel your body become lighter and lighter. You are walking on air.

There is no stress here. There is no tension or worry because this is your special place, where you are always safe. So, let go of all worries and let the past be the past.

There is a clearing ahead of you. You enter the clearing, and the grass beneath your feet is dry, and so are you. You realize that you are surrounded by a magical, lush, green forest. It is great.

You find a spot to sit down. Your back is against an old tree. You feel the grass beneath your hands – go ahead, run your fingers through it. What does it feel like to run your hands through the grass? It smells so fresh and clean.

You can hear it raining in the distance, but the rain can’t touch you here. You sit very still in your forest, enjoying the sites and sounds of this magical place.

You feel very calm and peaceful. Very, very relaxed. Just breathe gently and peacefully and calmly.

Now, it’s time to stand up and feel your body become lighter and lighter. You’re still so peaceful, so relaxed. You feel your body slowly lifting from the ground as it becomes softer. You continue rising a little bit at a time. Soon, you realize that you are two feet off the ground, and you can see the Earth beneath your feet. You feel so full of energy and zest. The higher you rise, the lighter you feel.

You have reached the top of the trees now. You are very calm and very peaceful. You look down and see the clearing beneath you. That’s when you realize that you can see yourself still sitting in the forest. You know that you are now out of your Earthly body and traveling in your astral body.

Can you see it?

So peaceful. So calm.

As you continue to go higher, you realize that you are flying. You are soaring through the blue sky. You pass by beautiful, fluffy clouds. You feel the wind in your face – it’s so refreshing. You feel excited up here, amongst the clouds, amongst the vast expanse of the glorious sky. It’s great to be so alive.

When you look down from the sky, you see that you are in the middle of a city. Fly towards the first bank that you see.

Head down into the bank, and hover over the rooftop for a moment. Realize that this is where your journey really begins. Everything looks so different from up here!

Continue to hover above the bank, taking it all in. Really examine the building from above. Everything looks so peaceful. So calm. So relaxed.

Now, begin your descent. Don’t worry, no one can see you. Slide through the roof, then into the ceiling. Which floor are you on? You need to slide through the top floors, so continue to work your way down, going through ceilings and floors. Say hi to the people on each floor. It’s good to be nice to others, even if you are about to rob. Take a look around the building, if you wish. See what happens behind the scenes of this bank.

Finally, you pass through to the main floor and slide yourself into the bank vault. Take a long look around. Look at all the money! And gold – you find that there is gold in this vault. Rummage through as many safety deposit boxes as you like. Find the most precious jewelry in the vault.

Hold your arms out in a big circle in front of you and see Santa’s sack appear. This magic sack will allow you to take as much money and stuff as you want without getting too heavy. Fill up that sack. Stuff as much as you want inside of it.

A million dollars. Ten million dollars. A hundred million dollars worth of money, gold, and jewelry! Great job!

Now, it’s time to get out of here before anyone discovers all this money is missing. Close your sack and sling it over your shoulder. Fly up through the ceiling, up through all of the rooms, and through the roof. We had better hurry and bury this treasure.

Fly to another secret spot where you can bury the money. Maybe it’s in a shady part of town, maybe in your backyard. You’re going to need a place to store it for at least a month, so no one catches on that you have stolen all this money, gold, and jewelry.

Bury it deep and then cover it up so that it looks undisturbed. Perfect!

It’s now time to return to your empty body in the forest. You rise back up into the sky. As you fly high above, you can see your magical forest in the distance and you can see your body.

You slowly and gently descend towards your body. You hear the sounds of the forest once again. In the distance, there is rain and thunder once more. You see your body sitting up against the tree where you left it. Slowly and gently, you merge back into it.

Sit for a moment with your back against the tree and think about where you have been. Do you remember where you buried the money? Are you ready to live with all that money? In a month, you can go and dig it up. Get rich, bitches!

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