Juju Power-Up – Great Disease Vacuum of Alpha Centauri

Disease Vacuum
  • This is an excerpt from Juju for the New You.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out and relax. Now, imagine that there is a galaxy of light spinning around your chest. It’s a very bright light. It’s a spinning ball of light that gets bigger and bigger.

It expands out to your kidneys and spleen, to your butt and shoulders. It keeps spinning and getting bigger. Now it’s down to your knees and up to your chin. It’s glowing brightly, and it brings a warm relaxation throughout your body. It spins and gets brighter and warmer. It’s gorgeous.

Now it’s getting bigger. It’s all the way down to your feet and all the way to the top of your head. It’s healing your cells, and you can imagine all the stress going away. It’s just melting away into oblivion.

Your shoulders relax, and your arms relax. Your legs rest, and your genitals relax. Your head is relaxed, and your brain is relaxed. Everything is so comfortable that you can’t believe how relaxed you are. Every cell of your body is open and glowing with the beautiful bright light that encompasses your body. Every cell of your body has become this liquid energy of light like you are glowing vibrant light.

Now, if you listen closely, you can hear a voice from a distance. It calls you by name. You can tell that it is far away, and you usually wouldn’t be bothered by a voice, but this voice is perfect. You trust this power. You know that it is from a perfect and inexhaustible source of knowledge. It is from the great law of vacuum. Everything that you need to heal yourself from pain, disease, and being overweight is there. And even now, the mighty universal vacuum is speeding its way to you. All the limitless power of sucking is yours to draw upon, for it is time to let the light lift you up.

The light gently lifts you up from the ground. It takes you through the atmosphere. Now, you are floating in space. You gently float through space while the great vacuum rushes towards you. You must prepare for its arrival.

Any disease, pain, excess weight – whatever it is that bothers you – turns into a grey clump of dust. It’s like a bunch of dog hair and dust and whatever other shit is on the floor of your soul. Gather all of this unwanted filth and put it on your chest. Keep cleaning it out of your body until it is all piled on your chest.

Puff out your chest, like you’re a proud momma bear.

Now, see the Great Vacuum of Alpha Centauri approach from the darkness of space. It is also a swirling galaxy of light that gets brighter and brighter as it approaches. When it’s in front of you, you float in awe at its magnificence. It’s truly a sight to behold.

The great suck-machine of the universe knows no difficulty or limitation. It simply inhales the dusty disease, discomfort, and excess weight off of your chest. It is the cosmic Dyson that relieves you of all your pain. Sure, maybe it leaves a little hicky on your chest, but isn’t that kind of sexy?

Keep watching as the dust swirls off of your chest. You feel lighter as your ailments get sucked into the vortex.

When it’s finished, the Great Vacuum of Alpha Centauri retracts itself. It floats back into space, leaving you to rest for a moment. Feel comfortable wrapped up in the vastness of space. Feel free of your ailment.

When you are ready, gently float back down to Earth. Float back into the spot where your body is relaxed. Open your eyes and enjoy this moment. You are now free of whatever was bothering you before.

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