The Glorious Chronicles of Juju


We are the universe. The universe is us. There is no distinction we can make between the universe and “I.” Those two things are the same. 

Think of it this way: the universe must contain within it everything that exists. We exist; therefore, we must be a part of the universe. And since we live, the universe is comprised of us. 

It is in this light — both literal and figurative — that we seek our power. According to the great Yogi Bhajan, “You are very powerful, providing you know how powerful you are.”

I am here to tell you that you are incredibly powerful. You are as powerful as the universe because we are all the same. Furthermore, I am here to tell you how you can harness and use that power. 

This incredible energy can be used in so many different ways. It can help you to heal or make you wealthy. It can help you excel at anything you wish to. It can literally change your life.

In this book, you will find a great deal of information about utilizing your brilliant power. There are specific exercises designed to create a better life in every way imaginable. We will discuss how to find a more profound sense of satisfaction in our love lives. We will channel our energy to become healthier. Wealth is achievable for everyone. And more!

Before we begin, a word about the origins of these methods. They were developed thousands of years ago. Three different civilizations developed these techniques. Each one found their own practices, and each attempted to keep their version a secret.

In Egypt’s Old Kingdom, the great priest, Imhotep, developed his understanding of Juju. He found the mysteries of the “Eye of Ra.” The design and layout of the step pyramids at Saqqara are a clue as to how he interpreted the universe’s great secret. There are six earthly steps and one divine mystery. Together, they form the seven levels of Juju.

The textual evidence is carved into the walls of Imhotep’s step pyramid. Upon a close examination, we find that it’s not a coincidence that the “Eye of Ra” looks like a map of the pineal gland. Egyptians well understood how to activate the pineal gland, which led to many different, seemingly magical, abilities. Several scholars agree on an interpretation of hieroglyphics. The “Eye of Ra” is part of a manual on achieving astral projection, telepathic communication, and quantum alterations to your reality. Similarly, modern-day scientists tell us how pineal gland activation is how we accomplish these same amazing feats. It has taken three thousand years for us to catch up to the ancient Egyptians.

In Vedic scriptures, there are seven energy centers called chakras. While the Egyptians represented the ascent to divinity as an external force, the Vedics believed it to be internal. The ancient practice of Kundalini yoga is a very different approach with the same result. That is to say, they show us how to activate the energy centers and how to awaken what they believed was “a coiled snake” named Kundalini.

Once awakened, the Kundalini allows us to access a primordial power named Shakti. In this state, we have access to the same set of abilities: astral projection, telepathic communication, and reality-alterations.

Similarly, the legendary Mesopotamian king, Gilgamesh, founded many of the same secrets in his time. Traveling to what was most likely the Garden of Eden, Gilgamesh encountered several gods. The gods bestowed upon him many divine secrets. Some of these could be considered the origins of voodoo, witchcraft, and other magical traditions. In the oldest cuneiform texts, we can find spells, formulas for gris-gris bags, and how-tos on infusing items with magic. The purposes and results of Gilgamesh’s instructions were considerably different than those of Egypt and the Vedics; however, it made them equally as powerful.

Unfortunately, most of these texts and the secrets that they bore were lost during the Dark Ages. The term, Dark Ages, is very appropriate, considering that the texts contained what we now call the Light of Jujuism. It is the foundational material for the most incredible power ever given to mankind. And the age that followed, the Enlightenment, indicates when the secrets were rediscovered. Thinkers like Diderot, Hume, Kant, and Voltaire were but a few who found fragments of the old ways. A careful examination of their work unveils similarities in thinking. They begin to form Jujuism and its central tenets.

At the sunset of the Enlightenment, we see perhaps the most comprehensive Jujuist texts organized by Adam Weishaupt around 1776. A new secret society called the Perfectibilists in Bavaria had organized a new canon with the intent of rediscovering and combining the most essential aspects of the Eye of Ra, Kundalini, and Gilgamesh’s methodology. How he was able to identify and find these texts remains a mystery.

This group, perhaps the origins of the Illuminati, had vast resources. They were able to keep their secrets to themselves. What they soon realized, however, was that these secrets could protect them from outsiders. The powers of the ancients were back in use. And now, with the aid of this book, you can tap into the secret powers shared by the most influential men and women in history.

The secrets that so many have tried to conceal are being presented to the world for the first time. Only a select few have ever been able to access this power until now.

I was only able to track down the secrets of Jujuism by strange circumstances and coincidences – none of which I consider to be a coincidence anymore.

While researching this book, there were several times that I thought I was at a dead end. But suddenly, an email would pop up, or a new translation would suddenly find its way to my computer screen. If I asked one scholar a question and they didn’t respond, another would pick up the conversation without any prompting.

The pieces soon fell together. Copies of many Perfectibilist texts fell across my desk. Professors of ancient history emailed me their translations of Egyptian hieroglyphics, Vedic texts, and cuneiform tablets – all with similar messages. There was no denying that I was on the right track. The power of Jujuism unveiled itself to me in one magnificent ray. I knew that I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.

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