The Nuira Manifesto: The New Recruit

Nuira Black Book

This is from the Nuira Black Book, Chapter Two: The New Recruit

You are the new recruit.  You will work in secrecy.  No one will know that you are a part of this organization.  As a new recruit, you will be called upon to perform tasks that the Acheulians require of Nuira.  Failure to complete any task will result in harsh penalties, including death.  A commitment to the organization is a commitment to success.  To be in a place of power at the onset of the new world order requires success.  If we do not comply and complete the tasks laid out by the newcomers, the organization will not succeed in its bid to become governors.  This is not an acceptable position.  The newcomers will not show us mercy.

As a new recruit, you will not be granted full membership until you have proven yourself worthy.  The worthy candidate will move through the ranks only as permitted by members.  It is at our discretion to determine which candidates are truly worthy of discovering the mysteries and secrets that lay ahead.  The information provided in this handbook is only to advise and impress upon the candidate the importance of their role within the organization. 

Undertaking the role of the recruit requires your complete focus.  As such, all romantic relationships are strictly forbidden.  Any and all family ties must be severed.  Those relationships must come to an end, as they will interfere with the scope of our project.  After taking the oath, failure to comply with these rules will result in the candidate being eliminated.

Social interaction of any kind is frowned upon unless it is for the purpose of the organization. 

The candidate must appear to be an average, functioning citizen.  Candidates will work mundane jobs to maintain the appearance of normalcy.

All candidates are expected to obey the laws of their countries of residence.  If there is any suspicion that a candidate has broken the law and comes under investigation by any government body, the candidate will be eliminated.

While operating as an agent of the organization, any candidate caught or under investigation by a government body will be eliminated.

Discussion about the existence, projects, or goals of the organization will be eliminated.

Discussion about the newcomers to this world will be eliminated.

Only success ensures survival.

This is the The Nuira Black Book found in The Haber Effect Series



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