Conversations with a Christian

The following is the entire conversation that I had with Vernita Simmons.  We hold very different religious beliefs.  It was quite interesting!

Vernita, this is a surprising interview, to say the least.  We’re on opposite sides of the religious spectrum.  Your book, Capturing the Spirit of God’s Word with Vernita, is a thoughtful exposition of embracing God’s work.  My book, Operation Cosmic Teapot, is a satirical look at how God is ultimately powerless in this world.  How do you respond to people like me?


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Conversations with a Christian Part 2

Do you feel, forgiveness should be mandatory regardless of the how horrible the maltreatment imposed on you by others? Would the world be better off if we all sought vengeance?

To answer your first, question, what would it take me to gain faith, I think the answer is simple enough: solid evidence.  Or rather, I don’t think that I could have faith, per se, but rather I require something more firm.  Like a visit from the big guy.  Otherwise, to me, he is a cosmic teapot, which should be explained.  This is also a quick plug for my book, which takes its name from Russell’s allegory. 


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