Twisted Fairy Tales – Audiobook Edition

Snow White as the cocaine queen? Hansel and Gretel abducted by aliens? And since when is Red’s granny into cosplay? Classic fairy tales are re-imagined in this collection. Don’t expect an innocent Cinderella or a sober Red Riding Hood. As for Pinocchio, what is it that grows when he lies?

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It’s finally out!  Cosmic Teapot’s first audiobook, Twisted Fairy Tales is available at AudibleAmazoniTunes.

The narrator, Marcie Clyde, brings every character to life in these twisted, adult retellings of classic fairy tales.  Without a doubt, her skills as a comedienne are showcased in these bite-sized stories.  From Snow White’s days leading a Columbian drug cartel (the snowiest, whitest cocaine in all the land), to Red Riding Hood’s cosplay-loving grandmother, Clyde digs into her vocal bag of tricks to find just the right tone.

Creating this audiobook with Marcie was such an interesting experience.  While writing and reading Twisted Fairy Tales, I only heard my voice reading it back to myself.  I don’t usually make up voices for characters as I read, either.  It’s just me.  For the first time, I heard how someone else imagined the stories unfolding, with a fun arsenal of voices to go with it.  And it’s so much better than anything I heard in my mind.

This is only the first of several audiobooks.  Both Operation Cosmic Teapot, and Once Upon a Dystopia will be available within the next two weeks.  Moirae is slated for an early August release and The Pacifist should hit audio-shelves by early September.

Also, stay tuned for Meaghan Curley’s debut novel, Lack of Purpose, and Dylan Callens’ newest release, Interpretation.  Both novels should be available in stores in July.

Dylan Callens

Dylan Callens is a writer and educator living in Sudbury.