God’s Diary

Alicia HooperWritten by: Alicia Hooper

My name is God. I have many names. I have many faiths. I am everything that is good and perfect. I am the world’s grand designer, experimenter, and father.

In the beginning, I created light. With light, came the universe. And with the universe, came earth.


All life, every living creature I designed from nothing, is unimportant in the face of my greatest creation, humanity. Two humans were all I needed to make me happy; a man and a woman, Adam and Eve.


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Nietzsche’s Descent

Nietzsche’s Descent

Nietzsche meme

Friedrich Nietzsche’s Death

The story often told is this:  Nietzsche was causing a ruckus in the streets of Turin as he made his way to the Piazza Carlo Alberto.  Upon arriving, he found a man whipping a horse.  Nietzsche ran to the horse and threw his arms around it, to protect the animal.  At that moment, he apparently collapsed under the weight of his own philosophical beliefs.

It’s a great story about a man that was so distraught by his own philosophical beliefs that it eventually crushed him.  The only problem is this:  it’s most likely not true.  There is no doubt that Nietzsche collapsed on January 3rd, 1889.  Overbeck, who was immediately notified of what what happened to Nietzsche, logged the incident.  He makes no mention of the horse, only that Nietzsche was in the throes of some kind of madness.


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About Dylan Callens
Dylan Callens

About Dylan Callens

Dylan Callens came up with the core idea for Operation Cosmic Teapot while in university.  Back then, he was writing a terrible, terrible book with no discernible plot and characters…

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A Cosmic Teapot?

That old rascal, Bertrand Russell illustrates that the philosophic burden of proof lies upon a person making scientifically unfalsifiable claims.  More specifically, proof of God's existence relies on the person…

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